Welcome to the GradeMaster IEP/504/IHP Portal…and so much more!!

Welcome to the GradeMaster IEP/IHP/504 Portal virtual tour!! With all of our cool new tools, it’s easy to see why everyone is signing up for an account and checking out our FREE 30 day trial. Be sure to stay tuned at the end of the blog for a brand NEW feature announcement too!! Let’s get… Continue reading Welcome to the GradeMaster IEP/504/IHP Portal…and so much more!!

New Year, New GradeMaster Updates

GradeMaster has listened to all the feedback and requests from educators and parents and has been hard at work making some much needed improvements to its program.  These new enhancements will help make the life of an educator a bit more efficient, while also providing all parties – administrators, other educators, parents, and students with… Continue reading New Year, New GradeMaster Updates

What is Standards Based Grading?

Standard Based Grading As the culture in schools has changed over the years, so has the type of practices and assessments that the students utilize in their daily classrooms. Over the years, we have become accustomed to basing a student’s level of knowledge on a number from a test or quiz. Yet, traditional grading is… Continue reading What is Standards Based Grading?

The Evolution of the Online Gradebook

I started teaching at a time when it was normal for teachers to carry around a hard copy gradebook everywhere they went. If we went to the copier, we took our gradebook. If we went to a parent conference, we took our gradebook. That gradebook was our bible, our connection to students who did their work and… Continue reading The Evolution of the Online Gradebook

Guiding Students Toward Excellence With GradeMaster

Ever wondered what the longstanding obsession with letter grades, points, and percentages is doing to the student’s thirst for knowledge, which was once at the heart of educational institution? You understand how inflated averages can affect reporting of a student’s comprehension levels and hamper achievement. Of course, you realize the potential of competency-based grading to… Continue reading Guiding Students Toward Excellence With GradeMaster

The Student and Parent Perspective…GradeMaster Style

Do you ever wonder what the student and/or parent sees when they log in to the gradebook program you are using as a teacher? Have you ever been able to explore the differences in versions? This blog has given you a virtual tour of GradeMaster through the eyes of an administrator and a teacher…now it’s… Continue reading The Student and Parent Perspective…GradeMaster Style

GradeMaster Virtual Tour: Teacher Edition

Welcome back GradeMaster fans! I have so much to share with you all today. First, we are so excited to announce that our app will be available August 15!! All of the amazing amenities and features we offer will now be available at your fingertips. And if you haven’t done so already, click here to… Continue reading GradeMaster Virtual Tour: Teacher Edition