View from the Inside: GradeMaster Administrator All Access Tour

A demo is one of the most effective ways to decide whether or not a program is going to fit the needs of your school, teachers, and students. This blog will serve as a virtual tour of the administrative side of GradeMaster. It will walk you through each of the major components of the GradeMaster program and will hopefully compel you to check out our FREE 30-day trial!

Let’s begin with the “Dashboard”. GradeMaster is a comprehensive, and easy to follow program, which is clear to see when you first log in. The Dashboard leaves no stone unturned. You can use the announcements screen to post items like Final Exam Schedules, Grade Posting dates, School Events, etc. You will see each of the components of the GradeMaster program neatly organized off to the left. We will be exploring each component in-depth. You will see that any item needing attention will be highlighted at the top to the left of the identified user.

GradeMaster Dashboard Pic

From the “Dashboard”, you can also select from a long list of languages for site-wide translation services:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.43.35 PM

Getting the school year all set up and ready to go is going to be the first priority of each school administrator. The “School Year Setup” tab has many different functions that we will explore piece by piece…starting with the “Create Year” tab. This function allows the administrator to set the starting and ending dates for both the school year and grading periods:

School Year Setup Screen 1

The “School Year Calendar” tab allows the administrator to see a full calendar view of the school year. The calendar can also be exported for your convenience:

School Year Setup Screen 2

The “Class Period Setup” screen is where administrators can set up all of the parameters for each class period and grade level, including: the start time, end time, duration, whether attendance should be taken or not, and an edit/remove function:

School Year Setup Screen 3

The “Grade Level Setup” screen allows administrators to add the Grade Level Name, Short Name, Next Level, and Edit/Remove/Copy the info. It also allows for file uploads for easier Grade Level Setup:

School Year SetUp Grade Level

The “Room Setup” function allows the administrator to set the room numbers, capacity, and any comments regarding the room. The administrator can also select to upload a file for easier room setup as seen below:

School Year Setup Screen 4

Adding subjects is a breeze with GradeMaster. Administrators can even choose a file to indicate the standards for each subject. Here is a pic that shows how administrators can easily add/edit courses:

School Year Setup Screen 5

The “Master Schedule” feature will be every administrators best friend. It is so easy to upload and edit your new master schedule, just fill in all of the blanks you created in the first 5 steps, and our program does the rest. It’s an easy to complete, comprehensive process as you can see below:

School Year Setup Screen 6

The “User Management” tab allows the administrator to control/view each aspect of the GradeMaster program. From this screen, administrators can view all teacher info, including class schedules. From this screen, you can Mass Assign Students, Add Administrators, Add Students, Add Teachers, Upload Mass Images, Import Users, etc. This is where it all comes together in the User Management tab:

User Management Screen 1

The “Report Card” tab allows the administrator to view and print student report cards. Simply select the grade, then select the student(s) whose report cards you wish to view:

Report Card

The “Messages” tab allows the administrator to send internal/external messages to teachers, parents, and students. It gives the administrator the option to communicate effectively from within the program:


The first section of “Administrative Reports”, “Teachers”, allows administrators to view and print the schedules of each teacher.

Administrative Reports Teachers

The “Students” tab allows the administrator to view, export, and print the schedules of students:

Administrative Reports Students

The “Master Schedule” tab allows the administrator to view, export, and print the master schedule by grade level:

Administrative Reports Master Schedule

The “Attendance Reports” tab allows the administrator to access attendance records by grade, and by specific student. The administrator can also select to customize the report or just gather information daily by grade and/or individual students:

Administrative Reports Attendance

The “Missing Assignments” tab shows administrators/teachers what assignments are missing by grade…and by student:

Administrative Reports Missing Assignments

The “Standard Histogram” feature allows administrators to view the complete student package by grade level. From here administrators can select standards by grade level and subject, and view all activities and assignments for that grade level/subject:

Administrative Reports Standard Histogram

The “Eligibility Tracker” shows all students that are eligible for any school sponsored activity based on eligibility points. The administrator can even select a timeframe (i.e. grading period starting/ending dates, etc.) as shown below:

Administrative Reports Eligibility Tracker

The “Print Report Cards” feature allows administrators to print student report cards by grade and by student. You can even select all students to print report cards in bulk by grade level:

Administrative Reports Print Report Cards

The “Parent/Teacher Conference Signup” feature allows the administrator to send Parent/Teacher Conference information to teachers, and parents alike! Once you login and set up your school account information, it is as easy as a click of a button to send out invites to Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parents can also make appointments by selecting the “Parent Login” screen as seen below:

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up

We hope that you enjoyed your virtual tour of the administrator portal of GradeMaster. Next week we will show you the the ins and outs of the Teacher and Student accounts with a virtual tour of both account types.

Please don’t hesitate to sign up for your FREE 30-day trial of GradeMaster today! What are you waiting for?


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